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We revolutionize the way we build today by combining 3D construction printing technology with deep construction know-how
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What we believe in

We are convinced that 3D construction printing will gain importance & strongly drive the industrialization of the construction process. Building houses & special precast elements faster & at lower costs drives our ambition to make this technology a market success.

Why 3D construction printing

In light of the global developments of "labor and housing shortages", increasing productivity is a significant challenge for the construction industry. 3D construction printing technology, as an automated and additive manufacturing process, addresses precisely these issues. Our focus is primarily on the segments of residential construction and individual prefabricated parts.

Through intelligent designs and optimized use of materials, 3D construction printing enables alternative construction methods and at the same time contributes sustainably to the environment.

Advantages of 3D construction printing

Time & cost savings

  • The BOD2 is operated by only 2 persons and is the fastest in the world (1m/s).
  • The construction process is automated and optimized. This reduces the coordination effort.

Attracting skilled labor

  • The printer is an innovative machine that is gentle on the body, clean and safe.
  • It increases your attractiveness as an employer, making it easier for you to attract skilled workers.

Freedom of design

  • Build unprecedented forms in the housing construction
  • Realize a high number of individual shapes, surfaces and colors

Resilient buildings

  • Houses from the 3D printer are particularly durable
  • Even in extreme weather conditions and natural disasters they offer you a safe home

Customer quotes

Waldemar Korte

Managing Director
MENSE-KORTE ingenieure + architekten

"3D Construction printing affords us designers a high degree of freedom when we are designing buildings. With conventional construction methods, this would only be possible at great financial costs."

Carl Maximilian Röser

Managing Director
Röser GmbH

"We at Röser GmbH see 3D construction printing in the precast plant of the future. This technology will become an integral part of our production line, both in the formwork area for special parts and in the complete construction of  large-format concrete components."

Fabian & Sebastian Rupp

Managing Directors

"Thanks to automation and high printing speeds, we can build houses faster and cheaper with 3D printing. The machine is operated by employees who previously built our houses conventionally. In this way we want to make the building profession more interesting again."

Excerpt of our customers

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